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Make triangles to survive through waves of demons and collect their souls! buy upgrades or other characters.

And yeah, you never use pentagrams in this game, sorry.

UPDATE v1.23b

  • Added Gamepad Support
  • Each character have different abilities
  • Balanced prices on the store
  • Fixed bug that made enemies spawn just as you hit the start button
  • Fixed Cthulhu abilities not working


  • W A S D - Move around
  • Shift - Run
  • O / Spacebar - Charge and shoot fireballs
  • P / ESC - Pause Button

Gamepad Controls:

  • Left Stick - Move Around / Move the cursor
  • Left Trigger - Run
  • A button - Charge and shoot fireballs / Select
  • B button - Back
  • Start - Pause

Simple enough...

I would be really happy to hear your feedback if you have any! i'll be updating the game with the time to add new features or fix bugs


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Pentagram! 9 MB


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Fun game you've made. I'd love to know your plans for adding to it. I really think an app version could do well. Is there a way to incorporate a global high score list so we can compete for first like in classic arcades?

Hey! thank you for making a video! really glad to hear you liked it, i really liked the idea of incorporating the global high score list, and maybe adding a little more of depth to the game, i might do an update really soon about that, oh and... yeah... they're not actually pentagrams haha, anyhow, thanks for the video and for the feedback! :)


It's a really fun game and quite challenging. There's a lot going on on the screen when there's a wave of enemies coming in, so you have to be very focused.

I do have some (hopefully constructive) feedback though: It doesn't seem fair that on some startups you immediately get the black hand coming at you, might be nice to add a small delay on that one appearing first. It killed me a couple of times straightaway after I pressed Start.

The fx when you catch a golden enemy are a bit overwhelming atm. I've died a couple of times now just because I couldn't really see anymore what was going on because of the fx from catching that enemy.

In the shop I just wanted to see if one of the skulls gave me buffs or debuffs to specific things instead of just being a cosmetic upgrade, but I just straight up ended buying it. Maybe make buying new skulls a two press of a button? Now I'm on the topic: I know it's only a small game for you, but did you consider adding specific values to different skulls? Like perhaps one gives you a slight boost in timer of your lasers, so they last a little longer, while also giving you a slight percentage less souls per capture? It allows for some cool metas to the game.

Thanks for leaving some feedback! I like most of the ideas you mention in there, i like the thing about making each character have its own abilities, about the "golden enemy" that's its actual function, to make the player unable to see for a couple of seconds, you could look at it being something like a flashbang from CS, oh! About the hand at the start, that's... actually just a bug haha, i'll be updating the game today fixing that bug and also add those features about every character having its own abilities, more info in the shop, and maybe modifying the mechanic ok the bulb/golden enemy.

Anyhow, thanks for the feedback, i'm really glad you've liked the game so far :)

Wow, didn't expect the abilities to be patched in so quickly, but it's fun to see them. Unlocked all the characters now, but still need to play around with most of them. The quadrilaterals are not working though? Was playing as Sir Cthulhu and could only make triangles.

Ah cool, didn't know that the golden flash was actually supposed to be like that, but then it's definitely working as intended ;).

Oh! I totally forgot about cthulhu, just added the description, my mistake haha, anyhow, i will fix that in a little patch right now