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Here's an updated version of my GM48 Game "The last level" fixing some tileset issues in some spots and a little bit some minor bugs, i'll keep updating this version with some improved features

Important: If you go and rate my GM48 Game please do it according to the version is given on the site (the v0.1)

Twitter @a21n9

current version 0.3


  • Move - WASD ('S' and 'D' don't actually do anything)
  • Jump - Space
  • Throw Knife - I
  • Slash - O
  • Slide - P
  • Run - Shift


  • Move - Left Stick
  • Jump - A Button
  • Throw Knife - B Button
  • Slash - X Button
  • Slide - Left Trigger
  • Run - Right Trigger

Update (v0.3)

  • Gamepad Support
  • Options menu
  • Pause menu
  • Fixed some gameplay issues


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TheLastLevel v0.3 4 MB
TheLastLevel v0.2 (Old) 4 MB


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I got 61 seconds with 7 deaths lol

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was challenging, really fun to play and the controls were tight! I'm stoked that I could actually beat it :D I made a let's play of your game here~

Wow! Thanks i'm glad to see that you've liked the  game! didn't realized you've played it until now hahaha sorry :(

That's okay! Don't you worry about it, I'm glad you liked the video. Good luck with your future projects! :D

Gave your game a go...



Oh! haha, didn't expect someone to make a video about it! Thanks!